All words and photography © Nina Nixon

All words and photography © Nina Nixon

{ P o r t r a i t s }

I am a people watcher by nature.  

I can sit and stare in a dream like state for hours nursing a cup of something delicious and just watch the world go by.  It's what I like to call my mediative state.  

And I may appear to those around me to be lost in thought, miles away, but I am actually (quite possibly) more alert and at peace with myself then if I was in the throes of life.

When most are eager to rush past to reach their next appointment, I like to take things slowly and just notice stuff go by.  But mostly faces.  

Faces fascinate me.

In a world that is always moving so fast - even nature can be a bit eager at certain moments of the day or with the turning of the seasons to 'get stuff done'.  But sometimes you come across a being just as curious as yourself.  Just as fascinated and intrigued.  

These moments for me are are like finding a kindred spirit.  

Nothing said, no words need to be spoken but acknowledgement of a comfortable state, acutely aware of being in each others presence and an understanding that flows far deeper than 'it has to be so' is met.  

All words and photography © Nina Nixon

Blogtacular {2015} the film

'In association with West Elm London'


As you know I'm progressing more and more into making films as well as capturing pictures of the every day beautiful things that I connect with, especially on lens.  And although I'm still not brilliant (who ever becomes an expert overnight?) I am learning heaps and the community is just as amazing and strong as the photography blogging world.

But I can see significant differences between the early films I've created and who knows, this time next year I may have nailed it and will be making seamless films that flow naturally.  

This is the film following on from the amazing weekend I had in London at Blogtacular.  See the post below to fill in the gaps, though I'm not sure what space my head was in when I wrote that particular piece.

It's the kind of filming I need more practice with.  On foot with a group of virtual strangers, trying to discreetly capture little moments without looking like I was standing on the edge of all the fun too much.  This shoved me completely out of my comfort zone and it was the best fun ever.

Feel the fear and do it anyway (fist pump the air) yeah!  I didn't, but I would of high-fived everyone by the time we'd reached The Royal Institute.

Anyway, this is my little film pieced together pretty much as we created it.  A little wonky in places and not seamless at all, but I love it for it's vibrance and all the totally amazing women I met that morning.

If you have Instagram you can follow all the fun with a few hashtags :: 

#blogtacular #westelmlondonscenes #westelmlondon

Blogtacular {2015}

All words and photography © Nina Nixon

It's been three days now since I left London and I'm still trying to process all the stuff in my head. Trying to unlock all the inspiring, positive and valuable information I know is in there. I have notes for goodness sake, so I know I was paying attention but my head is still in a whirl.  

But then I remember feeling this way last year when I'd left London after attended one of the best gigs of my life.  Well maybe apart from the Summer of '91 when I snuck out of a day of work with my mates and watched INXS rock at Wembley and then there was that time in '96 when we all sang along to 'Hey Jude' with Oasis at Knebworth.  The Prince gig and the time Michael Jackson was lowered onto the stage by a trapeze.  Where the hell am I going with this?  I told you my head was in a muddle.  I backtrack, I know.  But apart from that Blogtacular has filled me with a real surge of inspiration, more then I have felt in a really long time.

It was so refreshing to spend quality time with like minded folks that just get it!  And when I mean 'get it' I mean creative people that do not find blogging an alien (almost laughable) concept or that carrying a camera around 'every where' you go makes you a weirdo.  Do you Photoshop or Lightroom and what's the difference between Blogspot and Wordpress.   Or that coding can be the very one thing that makes us want to pull our hair out in clumps.  Those are just some of the conversations I had, in-between workshops.

Blogging can be a lonely old process and even though I love putting the jumble of creative stuff I have crammed inside my head (we all need to make space sometimes).  I am more so these days, struggling with blogging and the way it seems to be heading when social media is such an instant.  Constructing a blog post, from idea to visual and then pulling it all together before you hit that publish button can take me (on average) two to three hours.  I have so much life to live in that time. I  do often wonder 'why am I doing this?'.

But then I do know why really.  

Without blogging I would never have made the connections or friends or met any of you lot.  Or shook off the nerves and trekked to London (twice) to put myself out there when hiding behind a camera is far more safe. Struck up conversations with complete strangers and have complete strangers knock me off my feet with a simple 'hello Nina' or 'you're Nina Nixon - I love the pictures you take'.  And then even 'even' talk a little about myself!  Because that's the last thing an introvert wants to do.

But it all came so easily with the thanks to Kat Goldin and Kat Molesworth, the two most inspiring ladies I know and the creative geniuses behind Blogtacular.  

That's why I went last year - not that I knew it.  And that is why when tickets went on sale for this years I snapped mine up as quickly as I could.  If you are ever in any doubt why you keep slogging away at blogging, struggling with the constant way things change, just feeling that you are out there alone or want to connect with some of the lovely people you meet along the way then you really need to get yourself to one of these gigs.  Though you may have to wait a year.

Because with hand on heart it will be one of the best things you can do.

And if you're wondering 'so is it all about bloggers with balloons? Because that does look pretty strange for a conference!'. 

Well no.  But it is one of the fun parts you could be involved with.  A photo walk first thing on the streets of London with helium balloons, making everyone wonder and stopping tourists in their tracks.